When Technology and Service Meet

When Technology and Service Meet

The effects of a worldwide pandemic on businesses of every industry are undeniable. Many have faced challenges that could not have been foreseen or avoided. There is no question that technology has played an important role in helping businesses pivot their strategies and bring services to people in new and expanding ways.

For the construction industry and trucking logistics, that means renewed calls for digital ticketing solutions; app-based technology solutions to assign, track and even pay for work performed; and a more streamlined way of coordinating many moving parts to get the job done safely.

Real time messaging was paramount. As policies are established and amended, the ability to communicate broadly has taken on new importance.

But even as the new landscape proved the usefulness of technology, it has also validated that not everything can (or should) become self-service. There will always be a strong need for industry professionals who can help to guide the adoption of technology. When questions arise, and they always arise, having a knowledgeable person to help guide the process and offer solutions is often vital to success. To have professionals that know your industry and the urgency of your work are an even greater asset.

Modern Solutions for Today’s Construction Industry

As a technology company still in its relative infancy when the pandemic struck, Iron Sheepdog had to confront business challenges with modern solutions. What we quickly discovered was the technology solution we had built was well-positioned to help our clients and haulers carry on their essential work. Our solution – even if it wasn’t created for this purpose – offered a safer way to conduct business, with digital tickets replacing paper that changed hands and digital invoicing and payments that meant an end to chasing paper checks.

Messaging options through our platform – to all haulers on a job at once – allowed an immediate way to communicate safety messages or job changes in real time.

But offering the best technology solution on the market was not enough. Especially in times of such uncertainty, it was our team of dedicated professionals with decades of construction experience that helped our clients get the most from our technology.

These technology solutions are good business. With a pandemic as an accelerant, there is more widespread adoption. Companies should evaluate a solution for what it can do, but they should also carefully consider the level of service that accompanies the technology.

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