Work Smarter, Not Harder. How Productive Is Your Dump Truck Hauling?

Work Smarter, Not Harder. How Productive Is Your Dump Truck Hauling?

As the saying goes: knowledge is power.

When it comes to dump truck hauling, there is no doubt that the more you know the more efficient you can be with your resources.

Understanding Load Cycle Times

Cycle time – the amount of time it takes to load a dump truck, transport and deliver material and return for another load – is integral in understanding how many loads can go out, how many trucks are needed to perform a specific job, or identifying where there may be bottlenecks. Knowing this information is key when safety and efficiency are priorities.

Are you budgeting 15 minutes for a load, but it takes 45? Are you sending trucks to the job site to collect millings and they sit for an hour? Is a route that normally takes an hour round trip suddenly taking 90 minutes because of blockages on the route?

All of these examples represent everyday, real world scenarios. And they cost businesses real money. Whether it’s pushing more loads or not paying dump trucks to sit idle, being able to identify and analyze cycle times helps businesses operate more efficiently.

Load Cycle Analysis and Efficiency

Being more productive means moving more material. Dispatch and plant operations can plan and stage dump trucks and haulers waste less time waiting on loads. Whether staging trucks, mapping the best route, or gaining a better understanding of plant  operation related to loading and delivering material, having the ability to review load cycle times, by hauler, for each route is invaluable.

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Iron Sheepdog Can Help

Iron Sheepdog is a digital platform that provides dispatch, tracking, data collection and payment features to help short haul trucking run efficiently. We can help you understand load cycle times and manage business better.

Find out how Iron Sheepdog can help you understand load cycle times to improve efficiency.

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