How Digital Ticketing Can Get You Paid Faster As A Truck Driver

How Digital Ticketing Can Get You Paid Faster As A Truck Driver

Digital ticketing systems are critical in modern hauling, but did you know that it can also help you as a hauler get paid faster? 

We know that as a hauler, you have an integral role in the construction process. You work in a fast-paced industry that isn’t often appreciative of your role within it. At Iron Sheepdog, we want to change that, which is why we’ve spent the past three years perfecting our enterprise solutions for all parties involved in the short-haul trucking process. 

Companies have been switching to digital ticketing in droves due to the overwhelming benefits. For a business, the benefits are clear: 

  • Access to comprehensive data
  • Reduced cost of labor
  • Records more accurate data 
  • Allows for quality assurance
  • Enables process control 

But as a hauler, the benefits are not as clear. As industry pioneers, we’re committed to making our software equally beneficial for our customers and haulers. Because when haulers succeed, everyone succeeds. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Iron Sheepdog digital ticketing system and how it benefits haulers.

Streamline The Ticketing Process

The trucking industry—and construction industry as a whole—relies on many moving parts. One haul typically involves several people and multiple stops, all of which leaves room for error. The Iron Sheepdog app has tracking software that allows you to focus on hauling while we worry about the details. 

Keeping You Safe and Healthy

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered how we do business, especially when it comes to cleanliness. The Iron Sheepdog app protects you as a hauler by eliminating paper tickets. This cuts down on the spread of germs, keeping everyone on site safe and healthy.

How Iron Sheepdog is keeping haulers safe during the pandemic

Eliminate Human Error

As a hauler, you have a lot of moving parts to juggle, and manually recording information such as mileage and tonnage shouldn’t be one of them. With the Iron Sheepdog app, this information is automatically recorded and stored to your account, and you can easily upload physical tickets picked up at a job site. 

With many parts of the hauling process automated, the Iron Sheepdog app streamlines the ticketing process, keeps you safe, and significantly reduces human error. Here’s how it can also help get you paid faster.  

Iron Sheepdog Digital Ticketing

How Iron Sheepdog Can Help Get You Paid Faster

  • Choose your pay schedule

We’re committed to making our app great for both businesses and haulers, which is why we allow our drivers to set their own pay schedule. Most jobs offer net 14 or 30, but with the Iron Sheepdog app, you can get payment as soon as the next day for a small fee. This means money in your pocket on your schedule. 

  • Access to historical data

Mistakes happen, and sometimes you need historical data to get the facts. Our app has robust historical data that’s easily searchable, which can be accessed in case of a dispute.

  • Fewer disputes and faster resolution

We continuously review job details with complete access to information about haulers working on any given job. With data backing everything up, there are many fewer disputes between haulers and contractors about loads delivered, hours worked, etc. When differences do arise, Iron Sheepdog makes sure that resolution is fast – within 24 hours. There are no lingering issues because we know that time is money.

Our platform was created by industry experts, including haulers, and was designed to accommodate everyone who touches it. If you’re a hauler, particularly in the Virginia or Florida region, learn more about our program and opportunities here.