Go Beyond Digital Ticketing With Iron Sheepdog

Go Beyond Digital Ticketing With Iron Sheepdog
Modern fleet management for dump trucks demands a comprehensive solution.
Digital ticketing has been getting a lot of attention in the construction world lately due to the sudden need to provide an essential service while keeping people safe as the COVID-19 pandemic influences every aspect of work and personal life. But digital ticketing and the advantages it can bring are not new. We are simply at a place and time where our awareness is heightened and leaders in a (still mostly antiquated) industry are forced to evaluate new tools in an expedited fashion.
Short haul trucking has lagged, largely because the process is fragmented and difficult to coordinate. Dump truck haulers and the construction companies who hire them are coming to recognize the benefits to an automated and safer way to conduct business.
This article published in 2017 by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine claims, “Technology that helps better connect drivers, fleet managers and customers and will likely drive the biggest efficiencies during the next several years.”
In November of 2019, this article discussed the costs of delaying construction technology – leading to wasted time and resources. It further talks about the collective impact on “reducing complexities, uncertainties, defects, waste and no-value-added activities all the way down the line.”
This discussion has been happening for years, with little movement forward. COVID-19 will likely accelerate changes. But it is not enough to just go digital.
The question that companies should be asking is broader than digital ticketing and worker safety. It should also focus on how to come out of this economic shutdown a leaner, smarter and more efficient organization. Digital ticketing is part of that solution, but it is not the only answer. Companies have an opportunity to look at the entirety of fleet management, which for most organizations today is costly and inefficient.
  • What if you could go beyond digital ticketing to bring about 12-15% of annual savings on your trucking program?
  • What if you could have greater access to trucking resources using fewer internal resources to manage the fleet?
  • What if you could have integration with supply chain management, better cash flow and automated invoicing?
The Iron Sheepdog platform was created by construction insiders to alleviate the biggest headaches that come from managing a fleet. It is a solution that has saved customers money, improved their cash flow, made staging and managing trucks easier and integrates seamlessly with no major implementation process.
Don’t just take our word for it. Request a copy of our white paper at info@isheepdog.com.Rather than install a new and cumbersome system that addresses
only part of your business needs, look for a solution that becomes a trusted partner in managing your short haul trucking completely.